Need more Oxygen? You want to boost up your performance? Discover how can Contrast training EO2 puts more oxygen in your body even more effective than Hyperbaric therapy.
Contrast training EO2 with oxygen protocol puts  oxygen into your body’s water. Contrast training EO2  is similar to hyperbaric therapy. A Hyperbaric chamber pushes oxygen into your boy’s water fluids with external pressure. Contrast training EO2 uses your own body’s heart and lungs to do the same thing. Under proper conditions you own body’s lungs can push in at least 10X more oxygen into your body’s water than commonly available hyperbaric chambers. Hyperbaric therapy elevate your body’s fluid oxygen levels almost 2X normal. Contrast training EO2 on the other hand using your own body’s heart and lungs can reach up to 20 time normal. Contrast training EO2 has a powerful and fast effect mostly because it easily exceeds the critical threshold of 4X plasma oxygen. At this level there is enough oxygen in blood plasma to reverse vascular inflammation and to restore blood flow to stressed tissue. Common hyperbaric chamber create about half the water oxygen saturation need for this therapy to take effect. In a human body repertory turbulence works like bubbles in a fish bowl. Just as fast moving oxygen rich air transfer oxygen into water. Hard breathing fast, fast heart rate and oxygen rich air pushes oxygen into your body’s water. This water carries the oxygen everywhere including your lymphatic system and often has an immediate benefit. Blood plasma with 4X the normal oxygen levels restores choked off circulation. Lymphatic oxygen gives white blood cells and the immune system up to 19X more energy. Vascular clearing always causes detoxification. This is guaranteed. Toxins and cellular waste trapped by choked circulation will exit your tissue and enter your blood and lymph within 3 minutes at a pulse over 110 BPM.